Dog Day Afternoons

It’s been a little boring around here, not much going on,  not even so much as food being dropped on the floor. But I’ll wait along with Gunnar to see if that changes! That’s how I keep active, by sprinting for the food to see who gets there first!  I don’t think today is the day, apparently Gunnar is still hopeful!


Last week I had to find a way to amuse myself . I couldn’t find anyone around to play fetch with but I found this big old stick in the yard and hope to get it into the house someday, you know, when they aren’t looking!


Of course I can always just lay around the house and try to stay out of trouble, but that doesn’t last long.  Blankets, am I right? They are too hard to resist, a little gnawing, a little tossing around, a little ripping!! Ooops, I got caught!!


So sorry, that’s about it around here. Diesel and I will stay cozy together on these cold days and wait for Spring like everyone else.


Oh Look!! It snowed last night!!  Fun, fun, fun, chasing snowballs, toys and sometimes even shovels!!  Time for Play!


We love, love, LOVE the snow!!  Spring?  We can wait awhile longer!


Let it Snow, let it Snow, let it Snow…..

Although the GREAT Snow Storm was already a month ago, I’m going to share some pictures of our yard.  It was the coolest thing to have snow so deep I could barely walk, and so thick I could barely see as it came down!20160123_130412-1


But I still was able to sniff out some birds that tried landing in the yard, or maybe it was a squirrel??


And try as I might, and even getting way, way down into the snow with my nose, I couldn’t find anything…..


So I went back to the house to try and help clear the snow from the steps. And my good friend Diesel, well, he just watched from inside the doorway!