Mother’s Day

Thank you to all the mom’s who keep us safe, warm and fed.  We know we will always be provided for when our stomachs are empty, and when our water bowls need to be refilled.



Thank you for being sure we are comfortable and have a cozy bed to lie on and for the many gifts of toys.  You always find the time to be with us and give us the much needed activity we crave!



Thank you for making sure we receive the care we need when we are sick and comforting us when we don’t feel well.  Hugs are the best medicine!



Thank you for all the times you let us lay on you or lean on you, and you just stayed still knowing we needed some time to just be next to you.


Yes, today we celebrate Moms. The wonderful, always caring, unconditional love of our MOMS!



Christmas Eve Happenings

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house…….

Diesel and I are trying to figure out what is going on all through the house! There’s noise, busy people in the other room, and music playing on the TV saying something about Ole’ Saint Nick? I don’t remember anyone with that name, do you Diesel?

Drax talk

So I thought it was time for  one of us to check it out.  I tried peeking around the corner into the other room.   I’m not really sure what I saw, or what it all means, but it sure looked pretty important. Why else would they close the gate on us?

drax sneak

WOW, I can see boxes wrapped in fancy paper!  Some neat looking toys, too! I can only hope they have a present on that table for me! Oh, and Diesel and Gunnar, too, of course!


What?  An early Christmas present for us?  Thank you, it’s just what we wanted!  Tasty flavored nylabones, one beef and one chicken!  I just can’t choose which one I want more, but the chicken is what I got. I think Gunnar got a toy!

Sorry Diesel, I need to try the beef, and you didn’t look like you would mind sharing it with me!  I think what I would really like for Christmas is a larger bed. So Saint Nick, if you can, put that on my list for delivery tonight!

drax talks

….And not a creature was stirring, not even Drax…

Baaa Baaa Baaad

The Laundry Room. The all purpose mud room, and also it’s the place where my food dish and water dish gets filled up.  But they keep me waiting a little too long once in awhile, so the tossing and banging of the dish on the floor most definitely gets their attention.

drax 1

Usually, my water dish gets refreshed several times a day.  But some days it can’t come quick enough for me.  All that running around in the hot weather makes a pup thirsty don’t you know. Good thing I can help myself to some fresh water before the other dogs slurp and slop it all up.

drax 2

The laundry room, yep, it has many different sounds going on in there, too. Sometimes I enjoy laying on the floor listening to these gentle rumbles coming from the big white machines. Sometimes I try to dig at the stuff I see rolling and spinning around inside them.  I haven’t been caught, but I have left my mark behind. A few scratches here and there, sorry. That scratch on the wall, a little paint could fix that right up!

Then it happened.  While I was casually walking past the room, something caught my eye as it leaped, literally, out of the big white machine.  What luck I thought to myself.  I tracked it down and grabbed it. It was soft and chewy and round and awesome!  But it was also short lived happiness, I was cornered in the laundry room now with nowhere to go.

drax 4

It was a dryer sheep ball, and I really, really wanted to keep it!  I did put up a fight. Well, not so much a fight as it was more of a clenched jaw. Serious clenching, but I was wrong and finally gave it up.

drax 3

Sorry little sheep ball of wool!!



“The Bark”, the magazine, is asking all owners of happy, smiling dogs and puppies to submit their favorite pictures to be included in the next several issues.

Here is my picture with best buddy, Diesel the Rottweiler,  which we are submitting.  We just came in from outside playing keep away, tug of war, catch me if you can, and well, I won every one if you must know!

Diesel and Drax

We are so excited to enter the contest!  So many happy dog pictures are displayed in the magazine, and always a great bunch of articles, I’m told, since I don’t read myself! So get out your cameras,  your cell phone, your goPro, whatever you use to capture the unmistakably HAPPY PICTURES of your Pup and send it in!

Smile Contest

Here is a picture of their subscription card, if anyone is interested.  ( I have not been paid nor have I been compensated for the endorsement of this magazine.) It’s a magazine about dogs, dogs and more dogs!  What more do you need to know?  DOGS!!  All breeds, all the time!

2017-07-01 10.29.02

Well, I’m getting ready for another round of Keep Away in the yard with Diesel. Maybe I should give him a chance to win once in awhile.  Maybe, I’ll think on it!

2017-07-01 10.33.30

Keep Smiling, My Friends!






A Public Service Announcement

What is going on I asked?  Why am I experiencing thinning hair and baldness at such a young age as 2 years old?  It was quite the shock to suddenly have my hair falling out as you can imagine.   I’m a handsome dog, but this loss of hair is making me uncomfortable!

sunning 2

So off I go to the doggy doctor to be checked out.  Could it be allergies? Could it be premature aging? No, that would be silly! Could I be sick? Dr. Prieto examines me, thinks maybe I need more vitamins or something,  and home we go with a bottle of oil type pills and a gentle shampoo. Hoping for this to be the end of it and hoping my awesome coat grows back.

Nope, nothing changes after a few weeks, and it looks like it’s getting worse. Back to the doctor we go.  She does some blood work, maybe it’s  a thyroid issue she says, whatever that means.  I’ll just lay around sulking, waiting for answers, feeling silly and still balding! No, I’m not too vain!

winter blues

Nope, nothing shows up in the blood work. That’s good, I’m otherwise healthy! And it’s back to the doctor we go, and by the way, do I have insurance for this??  She does a skin scraping, nothing there, no bugs of any kind. Good! She then takes a tool and proceeds to punch out some of my skin for a biopsy. “OUCH” …she says!!  Yep, she might want to have someone hold me a little tighter if she plans anything like that again. No, I didn’t bite her, just a little warning grab. My eyes, they say “I’m sorry”! I think she knows that! Dr. Prieto is quite the good sport!

Winter blues 2

And then the call comes.  Third time’s a charm, finally an answer! She says it’s called “Seasonal Flank Alopecia”, such big words which mean temporary balding on both sides of my body. Yes, we know that, but why? And how do we fix this? She recommends melatonin, twice a day to help. It may be due to the winter months with less sun being out, it could affect the hair growth. Maybe this, maybe that, here’s to hoping I get my wiry coat back on track.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get used to that melatonin, made me a little too sleepy and unable to wake easily in the morning.  So we’ll just sit back and hope it only needs some time in the sun!  Sunning myself is easy enough, I like it outside! Tomorrow is another day, and each day it looks a little better!


For all of my dog families out there, stuff like this happens sometimes.  Not all dogs get it, and Wirehair Pups like myself aren’t the usual breed affected by this condition. So get your puppies and doggies to the doctor to find out why they may be losing their hair. This has been a Pubic Service Announcement from yours truly, Drax!

Here Comes Peter CottonTail

Something must be happening in the next couple of weeks, what is everyone talking about? I’m hearing about Easter Rabbits? Coloring Eggs? Yellow Peeps? Is there some surprise for me too? I’m not sure what all this is about but I am looking forward to finding out.

I mean, what could possibly be more exciting than rabbits? Game On! I haven’t come into close contact with any, but hoping that will change in upcoming weeks! Whoa, big guy you got there buddy!


And Chicks, I’ve heard about them little peep making chicks.  I haven’t seen any around the yard or the K-R Ranch though. Could they possibly be in my future? They’re so cute! Maybe a new little buddy?

easter chicks

But I have had the privilege of eating eggs, not sure why you would want to color them first.  Is there some special reason, do they taste better that way?


But the most exciting thing I hear is that there will be an Easter Egg Hunt! And anytime you go on a hunt, I’m there, I’m invited and the magic happens!  Hunting and Eggs, Awesome!!

dog 5

Ready, set, GO!  I’ll find you your Easter Eggs! That’s a Promise I can keep!

Waiting on a Friend

I’ve been trying to find some new hobbies to conquer or something to keep me busy when I’m not out hunting.  With all this snow,  I’m told there’s a lack of birds to be flushed at K&R Ranch. So here I sit in the house, biding my time.

Waiting…..wondering…..looking for something to do.  I’m  just waiting for a friend to come along with some ideas.

Oh, look!!  My friend Adam is playing some game on his little, awesome phone, which I can’t possibly see from down here on the floor.  Let me get a closer look,  maybe I can join in? I’ll try the sweet whispers in the ear trick! Psst!! Oh Adam, let me play too!


Well that was uneventful, unproductive and SO BORING! There really wasn’t much for me to see on that phone.  Not sure what he finds so interesting.

Oh, goody, he’s got an apple in his other hand!  I LOVE apples!  Hey, maybe just a little bite for your faithful, loyal, loving friend? Please?


That, too, was unproductive. Not so much as a lick!! Time to move on…..

So now I’m looking for a game of toss and fetch, and there’s Grandma in the other room. She looks lonely, like she could go for a brisk game or two!  Come on outside and play with me, Grandma! WOOF?


I don’t think she can hear me!


Oh Well…. the Rolling Stones sang it best!

I’m just standing in a doorway.
I’m just trying to make some sense.

I’m not waiting on a lady, I’m just waiting on a friend…..

snow melting

I’m just waiting on a friend….

Dog Day Afternoons

It’s been a little boring around here, not much going on,  not even so much as food being dropped on the floor. But I’ll wait along with Gunnar to see if that changes! That’s how I keep active, by sprinting for the food to see who gets there first!  I don’t think today is the day, apparently Gunnar is still hopeful!


Last week I had to find a way to amuse myself . I couldn’t find anyone around to play fetch with but I found this big old stick in the yard and hope to get it into the house someday, you know, when they aren’t looking!


Of course I can always just lay around the house and try to stay out of trouble, but that doesn’t last long.  Blankets, am I right? They are too hard to resist, a little gnawing, a little tossing around, a little ripping!! Ooops, I got caught!!


So sorry, that’s about it around here. Diesel and I will stay cozy together on these cold days and wait for Spring like everyone else.


Oh Look!! It snowed last night!!  Fun, fun, fun, chasing snowballs, toys and sometimes even shovels!!  Time for Play!


We love, love, LOVE the snow!!  Spring?  We can wait awhile longer!

2017 New Year Resolutions

Christmas is almost here, there are decorations everywhere and in every room. A beautiful tree in the house is always exciting to see. Then there are these owls I spotted in the yard and they’re pretty cool all lit up at night!



Well, decorations are in almost every room. Here in the kitchen where Diesel and I hang out, not too much decorating going on. I have a feeling there isn’t much trust in us to leave all the awesome looking, glittering and bright ornaments and trimmings alone. Even Gunnar gets stuck in the kitchen occasionally with us when all the hustle and bustle of Christmas decorating is happening!


And of course, there’s that Naughty and Nice list going on again this year. I’ve been trying every chance I get to share my toys with Diesel. At least most of the time! Sometimes it’s just too tempting when new toys are bought and to not want them all for myself. Diesel just has to wait while I check them out!  Your turn’s coming, promise!  Just let me gnaw on them a little longer.


Helping in the kitchen is always one of my favorite things to do. Just to let Santa Claus know I’ve been trying to change my ways, I won’t be jumping up on the counter stealing the toast today. Help whip those eggs for you?? It would be my pleasure!


I do have a New Year’s resolution to do better at listening to “commands” and “requests”. And I will be working on that in 2017, because that paper towel on the counter was just taunting me today.  The naughty corner, yes, I hear you……let me know when my two minutes are up.


Let’s all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  By the way, who’s hat is this and why all the fuss to give it back?





Thanksgiving Thoughts

This is my second Thanksgiving with my family, and now I have a Grandma living with us to be most thankful for.   You know how Grandma’s like to spoil their grandchildren?  Well the same can be said about spoiling their grandpuppies!

Occasionally we will be minding our own business, when suddenly a snack of bread will come our way, or chunk of chicken happens upon the floor!   Not sure if it’s intentional all the time, but definitely some of the time!  So I just wait it out!


If I wait long enough by the counter, there’s the chance she will give me treats, or at least there’s the possibility that I can snatch something  when she’s not looking! Toast, yummy!


I’m thankful for another year of being in a loving home, and now being loved by a Grandma!  I mean, really?  How could she resist this face??


Happy Thanksgiving!