Pet training

2017 New Year Resolutions

Christmas is almost here, there are decorations everywhere and in every room. A beautiful tree in the house is always exciting to see. Then there are these owls I spotted in the yard and they’re pretty cool all lit up at night!



Well, decorations are in almost every room. Here in the kitchen where Diesel and I hang out, not too much decorating going on. I have a feeling there isn’t much trust in us to leave all the awesome looking, glittering and bright ornaments and trimmings alone. Even Gunnar gets stuck in the kitchen occasionally with us when all the hustle and bustle of Christmas decorating is happening!


And of course, there’s that Naughty and Nice list going on again this year. I’ve been trying every chance I get to share my toys with Diesel. At least most of the time! Sometimes it’s just too tempting when new toys are bought and to not want them all for myself. Diesel just has to wait while I check them out!  Your turn’s coming, promise!  Just let me gnaw on them a little longer.


Helping in the kitchen is always one of my favorite things to do. Just to let Santa Claus know I’ve been trying to change my ways, I won’t be jumping up on the counter stealing the toast today. Help whip those eggs for you?? It would be my pleasure!


I do have a New Year’s resolution to do better at listening to “commands” and “requests”. And I will be working on that in 2017, because that paper towel on the counter was just taunting me today.  The naughty corner, yes, I hear you……let me know when my two minutes are up.


Let’s all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  By the way, who’s hat is this and why all the fuss to give it back?






“The Struggle is Real”


That’s laughter in the other room!  I hear jokes and stories being told, I hear they’re sharing their stories on Facebook now ,and you know what? It’s all about us!! That’s right, us as in German Wire haired Pointers.  The best thing since white bread in my opinion. Those new owners of puppies who weren’t quite ready for the joyful, active, and non-stop chaos being delivered each day, well they’re looking for a little help on these sites, and in such need of some answers.

“Hi, I have a 12 week old GWP puppy who is jumping up and knocking over my 2 year old child, how can I stop this?”  Answer: ” You MUST pick up the 2 year old child!”


“Hi, How do I keep my puppy, very large puppy, from stealing food off the counters?”   Answer: “Never, EVER keep food on your counter, or anything else on there for that matter.  Counter surfing is never ending, sorry!”


“Hi, I have a GWP puppy with separation anxiety, how can I keep her from destroying things while I’m at work?”  Answer: “You must quit your job and live to keep your puppy happy!”


“Hi, my GWP puppy just ripped open his bed for the third time, and destroys every toy I buy. How can I stop this behavior?” Answer: “HAHAHAHA, not a chance, they live for the thrill of seeing you clean up, they will stop at nothing!”


It does seem as though the outcome is usually the same, change the way you live, keep training the puppy the best you can, and learn to LAUGH, really laugh alot.  Because you are not alone, horror stories will be told, but there will be some peace, eventually. Not sure when, but I’m starting to calm down…

“The Struggle is Real!”