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Buckets, Bones and Blankets

Dear Blog,

My week in review!

Found this old bucket outside, thought I’d check what was inside of it.  Hmm, smells like there was dirt in it, but not any more from what I can see. They seem to find the need to fill in the many holes I like to dig in the backyard! Well, something’s got to keep them on their toes! Just consider it exercise, I know I do.

drax bucket

Then the bone I was enjoying suddenly, and without warning slid away from me and right through the steps and under the porch it went.  This also keeps them on their toes! All my whining and barking alerts them to the loss of my bone, and someone eventually retrieves it for me!  But Wait? What’s this? The porch steps are being closed up, look there’s a hammer and some wood slats!!   Problem solved I guess.  I will miss the whining, will they?

drax hammer

Now on to the next event of the week, the Blanket banning!  I love blankets, I love anything soft and chewy, but they don’t appreciate my chewing.  There I was, minding my own business. Quietly laying on the floor, quietly gnawing on my blanket, when “cough, cough, gag”! A piece of blanket in my throat! Wow! And suddenly a hand opens my mouth and, wow, digs out a gooey, soft chunk of blanket. “Thank you, thank you for saving me!”  So,yep, that’s the end of that blanket. So, nope, no longer will I be left alone with another one. Probably safer that way!

2017-06-23 13.10.12

While most of the time my excitement, my curiosity and my playfulness doesn’t get me in trouble, chewing on that blanket could have really hurt me. If somebody wasn’t there to help me, I could have choked, or swallowed it and got a bad, bad tummy ache if it got stuck inside me!  All’s well that ends well, at least this week!

2017-06-23 13.10.50



A Public Service Announcement

What is going on I asked?  Why am I experiencing baldness at such a young age as 2 years old?  It was quite the shock to suddenly have my hair falling out as you can imagine.   I’m a handsome dog, but this loss of hair is making me uncomfortable!

sunning 2

So off I go to the doggy doctor to be checked out.  Could it be allergies? Could it be premature aging? No, that would be silly! Could I be sick? The doctor examines me, thinks maybe I need more vitamins or something,  and home we go with bottle of oil type pills and a gentle shampoo. Hoping for this to be the end of it and hoping my awesome coat grows back.

Nope, nothing changes after a few weeks, and it looks like it’s getting worse. Back to the doctor we go.  She does some blood work, maybe it’s  a thyroid issue she says, whatever that means.  I’ll just lay around sulking, waiting for answers, looking silly and balding! No, I’m not too vain!

winter blues

Nope, nothing shows up in the blood work. That’s good, I’m otherwise healthy! And it’s back to the doctor we go, and by the way, who pays for all this??  She does a skin scraping, nothing there, no bugs of any kind. Good! She then takes a tool and proceeds to punch out some of my skin for a biopsy. “OUCH” she says!!  Yep, she might want to have someone hold me a little tighter if she plans anything like that again. No, I didn’t bite her, just a little warning grab. My eyes, they say “I’m sorry”! I think she knows that!

Winter blues 2

And then the call comes.  Third time’s a charm, finally an answer! She says it’s called “Seasonal Flank Alopecia”, such big words which mean balding on both sides of my body. Yes, we know that, but why? And how do we fix this? She recommends melatonin, twice a day to help. It may be due to not enough outside time during the winter months with less sun being out, it could affect the hair growth. Maybe this, maybe that, here’s to hoping I get my wiry coat back on track.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get used to that melatonin, made me a little too sleepy and unable to wake easily in the morning.  So we’ll just sit back and hope it only needs some time in the sun!  Sunning myself is easy enough, I like it outside! Tomorrow is another day, and each day it looks a little better!


For all of my dog families out there, stuff like this happens sometimes.  Not all dogs get it, and Wirehair Pups like myself aren’t the usual breed affected by this condition. So get your puppies and doggies to the doctor to be sure why they may be losing their hair. This has been a Pubic Service Announcement from yours truly, Drax!

Here Comes Peter CottonTail

Something is happening in the next couple of weeks, what is everyone talking about?   I’m hearing about Easter Rabbits? Coloring Eggs? Chicks and Peeps? Is there some surprise for me too? I’m not sure what all the talk is about but I am looking forward to finding out.

I mean, what could possibly be more exciting than rabbits? Game On! I haven’t come into close contact with any, but hoping that will change in upcoming weeks!


And Chicks, I’ve heard about them little peep making chicks.  I haven’t seen any around the yard or the K-R Ranch though. Could they possibly be in my future? They’re so cute! Maybe a new little buddy?

easter chicks

But I have had the privilege of eating eggs, not sure why you would want to color them first.  Is there some special reason, do they taste better that way?


But the most exciting thing I hear is that there will be an Easter Egg Hunt! And anytime you go on a hunt, I’m there, I’m invited and the magic happens!  Hunting and Eggs, Awesome!!

dog 5

Waiting on a Friend

I’ve been trying to find some new hobbies to conquer or something to keep me busy when I’m not out hunting.  With all this snow,  I am told there is a lack of birds to be flushed at the K&R Ranch. So here I sit in the house biding my time.

Waiting…..wondering…..looking for something to do.  I’m  just waiting on a friend.

Oh, look!!  My friend Adam is playing some kinda game on his little, awesome phone, which I can’t see from way down on the floor.  Let me get a closer look,  maybe I can join in? I’ll try the sweet whispers in the ear trick! Psst!! Oh Adam, let me play too!


Well that was uneventful, unproductive and BORING! There really wasn’t much for me to see on that phone.  Not sure what he finds so interesting.

Oh, goody, he’s got an apple in his other hand!  I LOVE apples!  Hey, maybe just a little bite for your faithful, loyal, loving, and BORED friend??? Please??


That, too, was unproductive. Not so much as a lick!! Time to move on…..

Now I’m looking for a game of toss and fetch, and there’s Grandma in the other room. She looks lonely, like she could go for a brisk game or two!  Come on outside and play with me, Grandma!


I don’t think she can hear me!


Oh Well….thanks Mick, the Rolling Stones sang it best!

I’m just standing in a doorway.
I’m just trying to make some sense.

I’m not waiting on a lady, I’m just waiting on a friend…..

snow melting

I’m just waiting on a friend….

2017 New Year Resolutions

Christmas is almost here, there are decorations everywhere and in every room. A beautiful tree in the house is always exciting to see. Then there are these owls I spotted in the yard and they’re pretty cool all lit up at night!



Well, decorations are in almost every room. Here in the kitchen where Diesel and I hang out, not too much decorating going on. I have a feeling there isn’t much trust in us to leave all the awesome looking, glittering and bright ornaments and trimmings alone. Even Gunnar gets stuck in the kitchen occasionally with us when all the hustle and bustle of Christmas decorating is happening!


And of course, there’s that Naughty and Nice list going on again this year. I’ve been trying every chance I get to share my toys with Diesel. At least most of the time! Sometimes it’s just too tempting when new toys are bought and to not want them all for myself. Diesel just has to wait while I check them out!  Your turn’s coming, promise!  Just let me gnaw on them a little longer.


Helping in the kitchen is always one of my favorite things to do. Just to let Santa Claus know I’ve been trying to change my ways, I won’t be jumping up on the counter stealing the toast today. Help whip those eggs for you?? It would be my pleasure!


I do have a New Year’s resolution to do better at listening to “commands” and “requests”. And I will be working on that in 2017, because that paper towel on the counter was just taunting me today.  The naughty corner, yes, I hear you……let me know when my two minutes are up.


Let’s all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  By the way, who’s hat is this and why all the fuss to give it back?





Halloween Happenings

The Graveyard, cemetery, home of  beloved family members after passing on, we have one down the road from us!  There have always been stories of  strange goings on in the houses that are on this road. Objects moving in the rooms and sometimes items mysteriously disappearing and all defying any explanation…ghosts, souls, maybe poltergeists? I don’t rule anything out! Even my doggy bed sometimes disappears and reappears late in the day! No explanation ever given.

So I thought maybe it was time to contribute to a holiday, and what better one than Halloween? They’ll never guess what is going on.

What? Food missing from the counter in the kitchen?  Not me!!  Chairs moving around the room? Seriously, it wasn’t me!! Ghosts?


A bang,  a crash,  a bar stool knocked over!  I didn’t see anyone,  did you?


Strange knocking on the doors?? We’re innocent I tell you!  Maybe Poltergeists?



After all, it’s that time of  year for lots of spooky and eerie happenings!!  So why are we pups being blamed for all this paranormal activity??

OOPS!!  Caught in the act!! That’s some serious night vision camera you got there!!


I’m looking forward to Halloween, and maybe a costume is in my future? I’m not sure but I certainly hope so!  I hear that’s the only way to move among the ghosts on Halloween night and score some candy and doggy treats!


Happy Trick or Treating! Be safe out there!

Grandparents Day

I heard it was grandparents day this past Sunday.  I hope everyone was sure to let their grandparents know how much they are loved.

“Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child’s growth as vitamins.” — Joyce Allston


Grandma, she  officially moved in a week ago, ready to get the next chapter in her life going,  full speed ahead!   And I’ll be here to help her navigate if she’ll let me! She found her new room waiting for her.  Laptop and desk set up,  check!  Comfortable bed, check!


It might take some time for her to settle in, so I thought it would be a good idea to show her where to find the goodies!  You know, Grandma does love her sweets!  And look, she even took along a basket to fill up, how smart was that?


Then came dinner time and I thought I should be considerate and show her the best place to sit.  Of course, it was right by me and Diesel.  Just in case she should drop anything, we are the clean up crew!


There you have it, Grandma is adjusting just fine so far.  Now with all this help I’ve been giving her, maybe I could ask her to help me out in my time of need.  Unfortunately this dish ends up empty pretty fast….


“Every house needs a grandmother in it.” — Louisa May Alcott


What to Expect, When You’re Expecting!

So my title is the clue, and the story goes a little something like this!

“What on earth are we going to do about Drax and Diesel?” I heard her say. “We will need another gate or two for the kitchen.”, was another conversation I overheard. But I don’t see anything wrong with the old way of blocking the breakfast room, do you?

Drax chair gate

Then these past few weeks I’ve noticed everyone working around the house, clearing out furniture, bringing in some new furniture, new kitchen gates going up, and I STILL don’t know what’s going on.  Next thing I know, they have Diesel bunking with me in the laundry room!  No, he is NOT thrilled about that, but I heard someone say,”They will have to learn to get along. They may be to much around her, she could get knocked down”. What? Where would they ever get that idea?  And suddenly I realized what was going on,  we’re expecting a new family member!

drax n diesel

Then I hear the word, “GRANDMA”.  I’m getting a GRANDMA??  Awesome!! So I hear she likes puppies and she’s coming to live with us!!  Grandma kisses are the best,  so I  hear!

gma kisses

So that’s what we’re expecting, that’s WHO we are expecting!  I am looking forward to having a Grandma, and I hope she is looking forward to having  some new buddies to keep her company during the day. Of course, I still have some issues with these new gates in the house! Maybe she’ll forget to close them,  maybe she won’t mind me following her around,  maybe I can be her best friend!  Just maybe! I can dream,  can’t I?

drax gated






Eating Healthy

I have never, ever done this before.

There is always something sweet smelling coming from a basket on the counter.  A basket I hadn’t given much thought to, until today that is. It must have some interesting treats for me to check out! So being a very quiet, ninja-like puppy, I carefully grabbed the bag out of the basket.  To me the bag alone was a great find, it made all sorts of crinkling sounds but then, without warning, round squishy things fell out of it!

What fun, a toy and a treat inside!!  I was able to eat two of the sweet treats before being caught!  I don’t know why they check on me so often, maybe to make sure I have water in my dish, but I could use a little privacy that lasts longer.  I suppose eating two squishy balls she called nectarines was better than none!


Yep, banished to the laundry room, surprise, surprise!

But they love me and want to trust me so badly, so again I was allowed back into the kitchen to play  and sleep.


I could end the story here, but no, there was more in that basket, I could smell it!!   Yep, I grabbed whatever I could and out the back door I went.


Bananas, that’s what they were! I must try harder to  perfect my “sneaking out the back door” trick, but that door is a little too loud. I hope they refill that basket real soon, I think I figured out how to tip-toe..


You’d think they would want me to eat healthy, right?





Well, well, well. They apparently have started to let their guard down. Silly people! TRUST they call it.   I have after all been on my “best behavior”. However, that is up to interpretation depending on who you talk to!!  TRUST, I’m liking that word!  It’s like an all Access Pass! Silly people!


I  tell you this because I  recently found a bag of bagels left out on the counter. TRUST. Nope, never expected that, and yes, all four of them were delicious!  Yep, I said four, no sharing here! They jokingly asked me why I didn’t wait for the Lox, not sure what they meant?

I can also tell you this is true because of the package of chicken cutlets I found on the counter.   Again, it must be TRUST. Somebody walked out of the room for just a little too long!  I took them into the backyard, but I just couldn’t get them open fast enough, the wrapper was on way too tight!!  Sadly, no chicken dinner for me!

Which brings me to today.  Everything was quiet, so I ventured into the kitchen sink. I’m thinking maybe I would find food left on a plate or something.  Nope, no leftovers, but I did find a plastic container in the sink.  It was clean but I still grabbed it and ran.

I apparently alerted someone with all that clanking sound.   Not to mention that small clue I left behind, so they knew that’s where the noise came from!


 What fun I was having, tossing that plastic container around in the yard. Diesel wanted to get in on it but alas it was taken away shortly after they found us outside. Something about foam not being good for my digestive system and other stuff like that, but I didn’t understand or care!


I guess I’ll be seeing a lot more of that laundry room again….It’s really not that bad, kinda cozy, always food and water available.  Here’s to TRUST, and trying to get it back!! 

2016-06-30 09.42.29

Que the Beach Boys, “In my Room”

There’s a world where
I can go and
Tell my secrets to
In my room
In my room

Do my dreaming and my scheming
Lie awake and pray
Do my crying and my sighing
Laugh at yesterday

In my Room….