What to Expect, When You’re Expecting!

So my title is the clue, and the story goes a little something like this!

“What on earth are we going to do about Drax and Diesel?” I heard her say. “We will need another gate or two for the kitchen.”, was another conversation I overheard. But I don’t see anything wrong with the old way of blocking the breakfast room, do you?

Drax chair gate

Then these past few weeks I’ve noticed everyone working around the house, clearing out furniture, bringing in some new furniture, new kitchen gates going up, and I STILL don’t know what’s going on.  Next thing I know, they have Diesel bunking with me in the laundry room!  No, he is NOT thrilled about that, but I heard someone say,”They will have to learn to get along. They may be to much around her, she could get knocked down”. What? Where would they ever get that idea?  And suddenly I realized what was going on,  we’re expecting a new family member!

drax n diesel

Then I hear the word, “GRANDMA”.  I’m getting a GRANDMA??  Awesome!! So I hear she likes puppies and she’s coming to live with us!!  Grandma kisses are the best,  so I  hear!

gma kisses

So that’s what we’re expecting, that’s WHO we are expecting!  I am looking forward to having a Grandma, and I hope she is looking forward to having  some new buddies to keep her company during the day. Of course, I still have some issues with these new gates in the house! Maybe she’ll forget to close them,  maybe she won’t mind me following her around,  maybe I can be her best friend!  Just maybe! I can dream,  can’t I?

drax gated







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