Eating Healthy

I have never, ever done this before.

There is always something sweet smelling coming from a basket on the counter.  A basket I hadn’t given much thought to, until today that is. It must have some interesting treats for me to check out! So being a very quiet, ninja-like puppy, I carefully grabbed the bag out of the basket.  To me the bag alone was a great find, it made all sorts of crinkling sounds but then, without warning, round squishy things fell out of it!

What fun, a toy and a treat inside!!  I was able to eat two of the sweet treats before being caught!  I don’t know why they check on me so often, maybe to make sure I have water in my dish, but I could use a little privacy that lasts longer.  I suppose eating two squishy balls she called nectarines was better than none!


Yep, banished to the laundry room, surprise, surprise!

But they love me and want to trust me so badly, so again I was allowed back into the kitchen to play  and sleep.


I could end the story here, but no, there was more in that basket, I could smell it!!   Yep, I grabbed whatever I could and out the back door I went.


Bananas, that’s what they were! I must try harder to  perfect my “sneaking out the back door” trick, but that door is a little too loud. I hope they refill that basket real soon, I think I figured out how to tip-toe..


You’d think they would want me to eat healthy, right?




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