I know, that is a strange title for a doggy blog, but let me start from the beginning. You’ll understand shortly.

It started like any other day, except that they didn’t give me anything to eat that morning! WHAT?  How dare they, I literally woke up starving.  Then came the car ride, except I didn’t seem to be taking the usual route I grew accustomed to heading to the K-R Ranch. WHAT? How dare they get me into the car and  head in the wrong direction!  I was totally confused by all this, and on top of it all, they had put me in a crate!

Now I have been a member of my adopted family for one year this past February and I’ve been loving them and all the attention I get.   But occasionally during the past 6 months of my life I’ve heard whispers in the house such as “No, he’s still too young for the surgery” and “We should wait a little while longer”.  What are they talking about, I asked Diesel.  He denied knowing anything.

trust issues

And I didn’t learn what all those conversations were about…..until now!!

My manhood, my awesome physique was taken away from me. That’s right, I was neutered!  There were a couple of kitties at the hospital, I think they had the same surgery. Sorry for your loss…..

So it’s official, I’ve been taken off the list of up and coming STUD dogs you want to meet and breed!!   I don’t remember agreeing to this invasion into my personal life!

When we got home from the doggy and kitty hospital, I was greeted with some strange cone of plastic. Seriously do you really think I’ll let you near me with that thing?? Around my head??  I think not!!


I was itchy, I was sore and all I wanted to do was check myself out and cool down the soreness maybe with a lick or two.  But NO, that was discouraged vigorously with constant interruptions!!   So then a call was made to the doctor and the next thing I know a cool, but smelly substance called Listerine was placed around my stitches. Emphasis on AROUND the stitches. That my friends, was something I did not want to smell.  The next thing I overheard was some laughing and someone saying “Problem solved”.  Yep, you win, problem solved.


So if you’re looking for a sure fire method of keeping the pups from messing with their stitches,  Listerine does work.  Again, emphasizing AROUND the incision or stitches.  I’m glad there were no slip ups!



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