The Incident

I’m sad, so sad to know that doggy daycare is over. No more running with the pack, playing hide and go seek, or tug of war. And no more afternoon snacks!

Drax sad

Now that my “Dad” and hunting buddy has recuperated from surgery, it really isn’t necessary for me to be sent to the ranch.   It was so much fun getting to run freely with the other hunting dogs. However, there were a couple of pups that really weren’t very fond of me being there.  You know how it goes, the new kid makes friends, but the popular kids don’t like you taking over their territory!!

And then there was “The Incident”, the moment that I got carried away when there was all this barking and taunting from another dog. I was barking back, trying to stand my ground.  Then suddenly, not knowing who or what  came up behind me, I turned and grabbed something, (some call it biting) and it turned out to be the arm of my young human!!  I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I had no idea what was going on. Oh,no!!  Is that blood??  I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t know in the heat of the moment if I was being attacked!

It was all too crazy after that with some loud yelling for me to get in the truck.   Off we went back home.  I’m not really sure but that may be the real reason I wasn’t going back to the doggy daycare ranch. I’m sure it didn’t help anyway.

I’m happy to report that the bite didn’t leave too much of a mark on his arm and that he still loves me!  He doesn’t blame me either, it was an honest mistake after all.



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