Doggy Daycare

I’m Baaaaack …. I didn’t disappear, but knowing that my days are pretty much filled with the same old stories and misadventures I didn’t want to bore anyone. There is the continuous jumping up on the counters, still!!  Stealing the knob off the washing machine, again,   but this time it is really broken!  There was the time I got the SECOND set of weather stripping off from around the door …not happy people at all!


I got out of the kitchen gate, twice in one day, stole some socks (almost swallowed one), grabbed a buckwheat pillow and dragged it outside…… don’t know what that filling was, but now it’s all in the grass!!  Yep, I seem to get these moments of crazy, not as often anymore, but when I do, LOOK OUT!!


Recently my hunting partner, master and good buddy had  double knee surgeries done, and would be unable to play and exercise with me for awhile. I missed him when he was gone. We did have some quiet moments together before he left for a week though.


Now that he is home recuperating, I seem to get a little too active around him.  The K-R Ranch has allowed me to visit them during the day, and run with their hunting dogs and play and play and play!!  It is super fun, and at the end of the day, I’m exhausted……


We all get what we need, I get to play at doggy daycare, and my family gets a little break!




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