I’m thinking  the shenanigans of the past year are definitely and appropriately being called Draxcapades!

I’ve been told not to grab the roll of  paper towels, or eat napkins and begged not to attack and rip open my bed!   I guess these events are proof I’ve been giving it my puppy all! Even after putting everyone through the Draxcapades,  I find  my people must really, truly love me!!  And after all the counter-surfing I’ve done alone, I’m still getting lots of hugs! Counter surfing, a way to make “stealing food” sound kinda cool and fun!

Seriously, who wouldn’t love this face!


There are Facebook sites I’ve heard of called “I Love German Wirehaired Pointers” and “German Wirehaired Pointers” that let many, many people compare their adventures, share pictures and of course share their love of their pups! They have over 4500 members from all over the world!  We are an awesome breed and they know it!

We can make you laugh, we can show you love, we are great hunting dogs, and we are loyal family members.  We are smart, we are clowns and we are devilishly active.

So, remember, if you want a dog who is….
Large, and athletic ( kinda rowdy with great jumping skills)..
Has a wiry coat and whiskery beard ( that drips water)…
Thrives on vigorous exercise ( all day in between meals)..
Is steady-tempered & dependable (yep!)…
Makes a keen watchdog and hunting partner ( no debating that!)…
Than I am what you are looking for in a best friend!





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