Mother’s Little Helper

No, it is not a Joke!

You may not realize it, but I  really have proven to be somewhat of an asset around the house. Of course all you usually hear about are the times I  chew things up!


Or about all the  times I stole  things off the counters and sometimes out of the sinks.  (Not the knife, the egg-roll, and it was delicious!)


You may even have read a thing or two about the chaos that Diesel and I stir up…on a somewhat regular basis.


But what no one realizes is  that everything I do has in some way helped.

After I chew or tear up stuff, it becomes that much easier to fit into the trash. And seriously, there are no more dishes in the sink for me to grab or food and other stuff left lying around on the counters!  See?  How neat everything has become, “your welcome”!

As for all the playing around with Diesel, sorry, nothing good comes out of that.  Oh, wait, you don’t have to spend as much time with me  when we’re in a vigorous  game of tag!! But sometimes you do get caught in the middle of it, “sorry”!




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