Well, well !! Finally !!  They brought along a  photographer to take pictures during our hunt for pheasant, chucker  and whatever else I could flush out at KR Ranch!  I  was so ready for all my close-ups… (is this my good side?)


And action shots…  I GOT ONE !

IMG_2848 (1)





It was really cool having someone  come along on our hunting expedition to capture all my awesomeness on film!  I suppose she captured some good shots of the guys too, since they were there, and they did, in fact, do their part keeping up with me quite well!


It was a fast and furious day, a lot of running, a lot of flushing, a lot of chasing, and most of all, a lot of praise for doing my part.  Occasionally I did get quite involved in the search and felt somewhat lost in all those weeds, but one look over my shoulder and I saw the guys right behind me!  “Way to keep up !!”  See, I can give praise too!


Then it became late, and I was called to come back and that we were done for the day. NOOOO, this is much, too much fun, and I am NOT ready to leave!!  Apparently giving me water to drink was not to help me keep going on, but to lure me back to the jeep to head home.  It came out of their ” bag of tricks”, and here I thought they said bag of treats…that’s in my “must remember for next time” memory!


I was so sad, and also I was not going to make it easy on them!! It took two of them to get me back into that crate!!


It was a good day all around, even if it ended too soon.  On the bright side, I overheard that next week I’ll be going to KR ranch TWO DAYS for some more fun!!  They call it “working the dog”, that’s me the dog,  but it’s definitely not work to me!  Also I’m still wondering where the cheese was that photographer kept promising us all day??






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