I May Need a Lawyer

It is a fact and my defense that I was indeed,  left Unsupervised!! I’m still a work in progress, trying to remember and learn all those requests and commands thrown at me. But apparently no one realizes that left alone and without  toys or stimulation, I must find something to do!!

There was the cook book left on the counter, so I grabbed some pages and hid, but yes, I was found!


There was a spoon rest left on the counter, smelled like food, so I attempted to grab that. Sorry… it broke!


Now it happens that I was left alone in the laundry room when a bright yellowish toy caught my eye on the counter.   I grabbed it and let myself out the back door!  What fun I had in the yard, tossing it in the air, chomping down on it vigorously when all of a sudden it started to leak smelly liquid, YUK!!  I was done with it, left it out there in the grass leaking. Eventually they found it, but much,  much later in the day when it was almost empty, ooops!! Looks like they fixed it, but I won’t be playing with that toy anymore!


Back to the laundry room I’m sent, supposedly I’m to take a break or a nap or something like that.  I wasn’t tired, maybe they were, because I did not hear anything going on in the house.  Time to amuse myself, and now the only thing in the room with me is my bed.   I’ve randomly examined the inside of my bed before, and it is fun to play with, so I did!!  I think I got all the stuffing out before being interrupted…. yes siree,  I did !!


Seems that did not go over very well, because now I’m left with just the cover of the bed, no more stuffing !!  I think  maybe I need a lawyer to help me get  my bedding privileges back…. can anyone help me with that?? After all, I was left unsupervised…so that will be my defense!





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