Twas the Night Before Christmas…

And all through the house….. “NO, Stop, Drop that!” was all that could be heard!

These are a few of my challenging commands, they really are.  For me to actually stop what I’m doing and listen to what I should be doing, well it just doesn’t happen often. Selective hearing…..that’s what they say.

Not my fault, you would think they’d learn not to leave coffee unattended…”NO,  Stop”!!   However,  I’m super quick!  I’ll get a few licks in and I’m outta there!  Diesel doesn’t know what he’s missing!


But my latest enjoyment has been the cushions! They have chair cushions, couch cushions and even a bench cushion, which I briefly got a hold of! My greatest accomplishment  was being able to  annihilate the couch cushion!!    I was quiet,  I was swift and I was really,  really thorough!  But  sadly, I was also CAUGHT!!  “Drop That CUSHION!!”  They led me to believe it was MY couch,  where I get to sleep and hang out… So why shouldn’t I get to play with it in my own way??


They think it’s tough on them, but I think I’ll be the one to suffer… All the cushions are now gone…..every last one, no place comfortable on the couch now!

But you can call me for a treat,  and I’m there!  Ready and most willing to listen, when the command  is Sit,  or Shake, or whatever else you want !


Wait one minute, what’s this I’m hearing about obedience classes, a boarding kennel school even?   I’m sorry,  I’ll try harder to listen.  Does this sad face help my case??   Say it does,  please!

Here’s to a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a quiet night.  I’m working on the quiet part!  Oh LOOK, I see doggy gifts under the tree already, Santa believes in me!!  And I believe in Santa!




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