Santa Claus is Coming !


December is an eventful month for me!  My birthday is December 22, and I will be one year old.  Christmas is right after that on the 25th and Santa Claus is coming to town and bringing gifts for all the good boys and girls, dogs and cats, and other assorted pets!

Now let me tell you about these  lists I seem to be  hearing alot about. First, a “Christmas list” that has names people buy gifts for, then a  “Nice or Naughty” list that Santa Claus has, and of course the “wish list” where you can place items you wish to have Santa bring for you to find under the tree on Christmas morning.   By the way, I really, really like the idea of a tree in the house and looking forward to seeing that!

Hopefully I am on the Family Christmas list and even more hopeful under the heading of NICE on Santa’s list.   I’m nice.  Really.  If you think about it I do a lot of nice things.   Whenever Diesel is bored, I keep him busy playing in the yard.  There are lots of hugs I give to everyone, whether they want them or not, but I can’t resist!!

I’m a great watch dog,  Diesel can’t do it all by himself.  He can’t see over the couch through the windows like I can, so I help him all the time.  I’m there for you buddy!!


Recently I assisted  with the laundry.  All my towels were in need of folding, so I got right in there and showed them how quick I could be taught to retrieve, fluff and fold!  They were astonished at how much help I can be!

I share my toys with everyone!  Just ask Gunnar!  Sometimes he doesn’t want to share his toys, but I let it slide.  See, I AM nice.



So now on to my wish list.  I wish that all puppies, rescue dogs, shelter dogs, all kittens and cats too, will get  homes for the holidays.  And to be loved  by their families,  just like we love them.


There really shouldn’t be a naughty list, but I bet  even those  doggy cookies would taste good should they find their way into my Christmas stocking!20151206_132111-1



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