A Hunting We Will Go…

Yes, it’s true, after several practice runs with the long leash, the day is finally here and now I can start to fulfill my destiny of being a hunting dog!

drax hunt

I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so excited.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Did you hear, I’m going HUNTING !!

20151105_082851 (1)

IT WAS GLORIOUS!  I heard words of praise and received so much attention for all my hard work.  I think there may be plans to let me join the  Deutsch-Drahthaar Association, you know, if there is one!

I was so confident and I followed most commands.  I flushed, I pointed and I retrieved.  I jumped into the pond, I got dirty, wet and smelly.  It was a GREAT DAY all around!!

The good people of KR Ranch were impressed, so I hear, of my abilities and good instincts for such a young pup.  I rather like them very much too!!


I was bathed after my long day and came home exhausted and smelling pretty.   Maybe I should mention to them I prefer a more manly smell, you know, something like Old Spice or Musk?



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