Drax’s Handy Tip #4

Let me tell you a little something about our backyard, it can be pretty muddy when it rains!  Try as they might to grow grass in some parts of the yard, our running and playing always seems to ruin their efforts.  Oh well, they can keep trying I guess.

Anyhow, Diesel and I are always happy to play fetch in the morning in order to run off some energy.  I am  now bigger than Diesel, but  sadly not as persistent or rough as him when it comes to grabbing the toys during fetch.  I lose out and he gets to be victorious in this game.  Over and Over and Over again he wrestles it from me, then twists and turns to get away from me!!


So this brings me to my next tip.  If you are going to be bringing us outside to play in the morning, you do NOT want to wear your white robe and slippers!! I repeat, you DO NOT want to wear white!

Because you see, Diesel doesn’t care what you have on when he brings back the toy.  He drops it into your lap or onto your feet and all that mud is now on you.


And I try really, really hard to get the toy away from him, really, and I do it for you!   I wouldn’t put that nasty, dirty bone on your lap like he does!  Nope, not me!!


So I will do my part  and continue to wrestle him for the toys.  I hear there is something called brownie points to be  gotten. Brownies are food, right?



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