I am NOT a Cat, but…..

I do find an uncanny cat-like pleasure in ignoring  “requests” and “commands” on a daily basis!

So  yesterday was National Cat Day, and in my own way, I celebrated with the felines!

“Leave that towel alone, it’s for your wet feet!”  she said,  but I didn’t pay attention.  And then somehow, don’t ask,  it gets a  great big hole in it and ends up on me instead of on  the floor!


“Do NOT jump on my counters!!” they plead over and over again.  But I chose to ignore that also, and I found myself a nice egg carton to play with!!


So here is a shout out to all you Cats, you’re doing it right,  where do I sign up, and can you PLEASE teach me to climb trees?? That is so cool!!



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