A Little Boy Named Kevin

There is this cute little boy named Kevin.  He’s their nephew’s son and he comes every Tuesday to be with his Aunt Sue.  You know her, she is my mom/guardian/caretaker.   He absolutely LOVES Gunnar and spends time sitting and watching TV with him, they hang out on the front porch  and he plays fetch with him.


What you won’t see is Kevin sitting with me, or playing fetch with me or hanging out in the backyard with me.  Ever since I was little, Kevin has been afraid to pet me and with good reason I guess.  My baby teeth did hurt when I used them on my peoples hands and feet.

When he visits he would say hi to me,  wave to me and sometimes even throw my toys  back over the gate for me. Once he even was brave enough to pet me while  I was sleeping, so I hear.



But now that I am bigger, (much, much bigger) I don’t see us playing together anytime soon.  He is only four years old and not ready for all the kisses I would give him.

I did manage to get out of the laundry room when he was in the kitchen sitting at the high table.    Before I was caught, I ran over to him and I jumped up to say hi.   Which needless to say, did not go over very  well.  All that screaming and crying, I think I was more scared of him at that point.

I guess Gunnar will be his friend for now, but one day I hope to win him over!



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