Drax Defines TOY

May I ask,  what is the definition of a toy? And who decides??

Toy  (noun)  : 1. An object for a child to play with  2. Something that serves for or as if for diversion, rather than for serious practical use.

There have been many, many toys I’v enjoyed since I was little.  Each have been different in their own way.  Some super chewy, some hard plastic  to gnaw on, and some made squeaky noises!!    I was always  sure to test  and chew and check each and every one out!!  Some I shared with Diesel when bored, but he  doesn’t always want to share back…so I just keep after him.


I have been “tossed” spoons, and just loved the sound and  playing with them.   Maybe that wasn’t  their intention,   but it was fun!

So my definition of a toy is many:

There’s that moth that got in the house, “toy”.  There’s the empty food dish, “toy”.  Of course, the empty box you forgot to take out to the garbage, “toy”. Those sweatpants you wear, “toy”.   The shiny knob on the washing machine, yes, I consider that a “toy”.  The sticks and stones I dig up,  “toy”.


One of my favorites though, is my dish mat.   I guess, sort of a “toy”??


So when in doubt,  just throw it on the floor and see if I give it my “teeth” of approval.   You never know what will keep me busy.  Remember, “TOY ; An object for a child to play with” .  In my world, anything and everything can be a Toy !!


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