Deja View Monday : Baby pictures

Just a sample of how CUTE I was as a baby, here is my homecoming picture riding in the car.   I remember being really scared on the ride home, and throwing up, ooops !!   I did finally fall asleep, but not before trying to climb up my new mom’s neck,  drawing blood  and chewing on her scarf…


It was snowy for awhile after I got home, go figure, Spring snow !  I was slipping and sliding and learning to go  up and down the steps.  It was surprisingly fun !!


And I was always looking for places to explore and hide !   THE best hiding spot was under the steps.   I didn’t think anyone could find me there.  It was nice and cool and always muddy.


I was  a very smart puppy, too!  Right away I learned how to sit, shake and follow my mommy when she called my name.   There would be delicious treats as my reward every time, and I was happy puppy indeed!!Screenshot_2015-10-08-17-59-16-1


And then I grew…..


And I grew ……


And I grew !!    Into quite a  devilishly handsome young dog, if I do say so myself !!



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