A Gated Community

Wait??    What ??   What does that even mean? Well, I’ll tell you what it means to me!

I have to deal with  a fenced in yard, no way out.   And then of course a stupid door to the house, leaving us outside, no way in!   I mean, really, how long do you expect us to stay outside?    It gets Boring !   No one to play fetch with, and Diesel isn’t always up to tug of war.  So that was my first conquest, to get me and Diesel back inside!   It seems Gunnar is always allowed inside before us.

Practice,  practice,  practice and I finally did it!   I got myself and Diesel back into the house!   How’s that for a self-taught trick!!


And then once we get inside there’s the gates, the fences, and the door blockers that are everywhere.  They keep people away from us, or maybe it’s the other way around.   Hmmmm,  let me ponder that for a minute!PhotoGrid_1444837363390

I’m quite the explorer and so these “gates” have become a bit of a nuisance, and definitely an inconvenience.  It was OK for awhile when I was younger , but when you run out of things to ransack and chew on, well then, it’s time to venture out !

Diesel said, “No, it can’t be done, I’ve tried !!” Gunnar said “Go ahead, give it a shot”.  I like  Gunnars way of thinking !

gate 1

Yes, I achieved  my goal and got the gate open to the kitchen!  See, that wasn’t too difficult once I got my “teeth” into it !  Now on to the next gate, the one to all the family rooms.  Diesel told me to be careful, people are always watching.   And yes, I did get caught over and over again.


But I was able to  break through that gate too,  when no one was around.    And it led me to every cool room in the house!   There were pillows on couches, magazines, shoes everywhere, flowers and rugs, how could I not be allowed in these rooms?  UNFAIR!!  So many choices, so many toys for me to play with!

I did manage to bring back a little souvenir for Diesel .


Wait,  what?? A DOOR they’re using to  keep me  from getting into trouble??……No, you haven’t seen the last of me !!  It’s just one more trick I must learn,   turning that knob should be a piece of cake!



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