Water, Perfect Water

What is there NOT to like about water??  It’s AMAZING!  It appears from the sky, it comes out of hoses and faucets, and let’s not  forget out of bottles, too!


In the summer it ‘s there to cool me off in my pool from the hose. I would spend hours jumping in and out of the water, splashing, thrashing and sometimes even drinking it!

pool picture

In the house it flows from  faucets, and being impatient, right into my mouth. I will  not be waiting on the water dish to fill, nope, not me!!


It’s delicious, it’s  fun and it’s mysterious, too.  I watch how it suddenly will fall from the clouds and make puddles just for me! Squishy, muddy paws are the best feeling by far when it rains!


I LOVE the rain, running around in it, drenching wet skin, and of course trying  to catch  the raindrops in my mouth!  But sadly, the fun must end…..And then into the mudroom I go,  and it most certainly fulfills its purpose!  Mud on the doors, mud on the towels, mud everywhere in the room!



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