State of Confusion

It has been my mission to find out what’s in their hands at all times.   Is it food, is it a toy, or maybe something else I can have???   I can’t wait, I can’t control myself, so I figure the only way to find out what it is,  is to grab it and RUN !!


I’ve done that many, many times, ( I’m not allowed around small children for this reason) and  every time I do there is a scream, or a yell,  maybe a brisk talking to, and then discipline.  But just possibly,  it may be their fault I’m so confused.

They’ll be eating something, or chopping up food, and holding it in their hand. Then along comes a toss in the air,  and  “good boy” , or “what a catch that was!”.   I find delicious snacks come my way like this.  Then the same thing with toys.  They’ll be holding one in their hand and then  tossing the toy , I hear “fetch”  and again “good boy!” .


I’m trying very, very, VERY hard to learn how to know when to wait when something is in their hands.  Although I figured out that when the  toys are already on the floor they’re OK to play with.

But then there was an incident with a broom.It was on the floor, wasn’t it?   And now I’m back to being confused!!



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