It’s For Your Own Good !!

I guess trying to break out of the fenced-in yard again was probably not a good idea !  But it was worth a try, so I thought !


Then there were whispers, and talk about something called Sport Dog fence. I eventually saw some green wire being attached to the bottom of the fence and wasn’t sure what it all meant.

Then came the new collar……. a second one I had to wear…….strange beeping noises come from it and over and over they tell me “Don’t go near the fence”.


“It’s for your own good” they said, “it’s to keep you from chewing on the fence,  getting out and getting lost” they said.  Hunh??  When I was young the kennel had a tattoo put inside my ear and a tracker chip under my skin, all for your own good they said. “You wouldn’t want to get lost and not be brought back to your family, would you?”

So here I am wearing this collar now, too!  “It’s because we Love you” they keep saying.  I guess all that’s left is trying to dig my way out, to keep digging holes all day, because there must be something fun out in those woods!


But everyday they seem to disappear and I haven’t figured out why!


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