The Great Escape !

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can…..I DID IT!!


AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!!  All that effort finally paid off !   One picket eliminated and OUT I WENT !!    I found myself just on the other side of the fence looking into the bushes behind the garage where I thought I heard something..A Bird, or a Rabbit maybe??

Unfortunately what I did hear was a door slamming and yelling,  but I turned in time to make a run for it !!  Around the corner, full speed, like a cheetah running without a care, wind blowing through my ears!  HOW AWESOME !

Then I saw the gate open and out she came to guide me back, but NO, not this time and off I RAN even faster!  Then out came Diesel and he ran with me back and forth, back and forth in the yard.   Suddenly the word TREAT was heard and Diesel  ran and before I knew it I had followed him through the gate and into the fenced-in yard.   Was that their plan??


Thanks Diesel, I thought you were on my side, now we’re back behind the fence again….


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