Solitary Confinement

It was bound to happen…..

Every time I get some extra privileges, extra space to roam in the house, I end up in trouble !

One day they removed the ” fence”  that was keeping me out of the better half of the kitchen.  It was a happy day!  More to see and do I thought !

2015-09-10 11.14.28

My good buddy Diesel has his bed on that side of the fence.  I also found there to be a  nice couch to sit on.    I used it  to look out the windows.  No problems so far……


Then I saw it,  there was a door !!!   A great big door with  a curtain, but it was blocking my view!!    It had to go!!  So carefully, or as carefully as possible with paws and teeth, I got rid of it!!  Mission accomplished, I was happy !!


Apparently NOT a good move, so back over the fence I was sent…

And all was well for awhile, I still had a nice bed to lay on and room to play. Gunnar occasionally visited me.  I let him  lounge on my bed hoping to hear his secret of being able to come and go as he pleased in the house.


Then I noticed  a nice chair, with a corner to chew on, and there was soft foam inside,  just the right height for me and everything!   How did I ever  miss this before today??


AGAIN I was wrong !!

And off I was sent…. solitary confinement,  the laundry room ….  (At least I hear it’s only when there is no one around to supervise me !!)

2015-09-10 11.16.14

And It’s not so bad….. once I rearrange things  to my liking !!


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