To Chew or Not to Chew

That is my question……

I chew on my dog crate, chew up paper towels, chew on sticks, stones and ice cubes.  I chew on fences, chew on doors, rugs and chairs.  I chew on toys, anything that falls on the floor, I chew on my feet, I chew on THEIR feet and the list goes on!

Hi, my name is Drax and I’m a chew-a-holic.

Drax baby 21

It all started with a little red rug when I was small.  It was so comfortable to sleep on, but then suddenly,  it seemed more important to chew on it until it was shredded.  A Tile floor, not as comfortable !!  I never saw another rug……

I guess that was a ” Not  to Chew” moment!

Next I found newspapers, they’re good for something, a simple rip and tear, and they’re gone !  Hmmm, heard some yelling, so I guess another “NOT to Chew” item!


I chew on the dog gates, I chew on my bed, Diesel’s bed,  shoes, socks and towels.

I chew on the all the  toys they throw my way, and sometimes try to eat the little pieces I break off.  But why then do  they disappear forever???  I thought that was the reason they gave them to me!  I’m so confused!


I hear “why doesn’t he stop, his baby teeth are gone”!!

I still have questions about what is OK to chew on and what isn’t, but I do know there wasn’t any  yelling when I  chewed on Diesel’s head!  I hear admitting you have a problem is the first step, but so far, I don’t see a problem!




  1. one of my current dogs is a serial chewer – I’ve lost count of the number of dog beds I’ve been forced to buy after she’s chewed one to shreds (despite me covering it with a blanket weighted down with bricks at the edges to stop her from doing so)


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