Drax’s Handy Tip #2

The Backyard, a wonderful place to play, to run, hop, skip and jump!


To have an occasional  game of Fetch, or Keep Away!!


Or competitive game of Tug of War with Diesel, always fun!


We all enjoy the backyard. The sun shining, enjoying the warmth and the cool breezes !   But unfortunately it’s also where the crew goes to relieve themselves, you know what I mean, no pictures necessary !!

So we are all subject to playing Deuces Wild !!  Just where can we run without “stepping in it”??   And “it” happened one day.  In I ran to the kitchen, jumped on the couch all excited after playing outside and then I heard “Get Him Out” !!  I was rushed outside without explanation, what had I done??  Out came the water hose, trying to get me to stand still to wash off my paws, and it was no easy task !!


So my next tip is to be sure the grass is cut short, do a complete sweep of the “Mine Field” before we head out to play, because, seriously……It’s Not My Fault !!



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