Why I Have a DraxLife Blog

Because It’s Fun?   Too much time on my hands?  I need to get out more???  Maybe it’s even a little Therapeutic?

OR just maybe because everything that goes on during the day with Drax can be kinda crazy, and it’s trying on my nerves just a little, or a lot on some days!  I figure if I write about it, the next time something happens, maybe it wouldn’t affect my mental state if I thought I could make a funny “blog” out of it.

After I describe to my husband what goes on all day, it does start to sound funnier than when it happened. (Steve doesn’t always laugh!) The beds exploding, the napkin basket on the floor, the butter dish being knocked over and licked, along with the crate flips, fence attacking, etc., etc. on a daily basis!  It’s just easier to laugh about it , so writing about it from Drax’s point of view I thought  could be fun. Since my phone is always with me there might be pictures to capture the moment, but mostly and usually only the aftermath!!

It wasn’t always like this, it actually was a little worse when he was a puppy!! No control over his bladder, biting or nipping everyone and their clothes, constantly eating and then pooping everywhere,  pulling apart the pee-pads before AND after peeing on them, and the list goes on !!


He is a very lovable, large “puppy” now and he has accepted us as his family. He just needs a lot of attention and exercise,  all day long,  every day,  in between every meal, until he finally falls asleep!

Occasionally there are times when he is left unattended for short periods, and that’s when these “acts of fun” happen, he seriously is having fun!!  He really doesn’t need much time to get into “trouble”…….And I’m learning that the hard way !  We love you DRAX !!20150827_194039



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