Challenge Accepted !

Counter-tops, tables, trash cans, and laundry baskets.   There is always something interesting to find around the house and outside the house.  Sometimes it smells like something yummy, like the butter dish I got into. And sometimes it’s just because I can see it and need to know what it would taste like!  I’ve tasted the sponge left in the sink, not so tasty.  I’ve knocked over a beer bottle and tasted that, kinda tasty.   I’ve knocked the phone off the counter and played hockey with it. Grabbed clothes out of the laundry basket and played “catch me” .   I was able to get to the paper towels on the counter and taste them after a thorough shredding !


But my best moment was the challenge of getting  a cup outside, strategically placed in the center of a high table.  There must be something really good about coffee, why else would it be placed so far away.  She didn’t think I could reach it, but perseverance always pays off!   Coffee is Tasty !!



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