Seriously Drax

So today I learned that Drax is my middle name, and Seriously is my first name.  “Seriously Drax,  what are you doing on the couch??”

2015-08-23 12.08.25

Later I was quietly playing in my crate when I rolled it over and THUD!

“Seriously Drax,  What did you do??”


Then lunch time came and again, quietly eating my meal when I decided it would probably be easier to eat the kibble one at a time, CRASH, and I hear it again, “Seriously Drax,  why did you knock your dish over?”


But  what really made me believe it was true was the next time I heard it.

Quietly minding my own business exploring my new bed , when it happened, “SERIOUSLY DRAX ??”   “What is going on with you today??”  There was fuzz on the floor and in my mouth and apparently, not a good idea from the stomach ache I got afterwards….

You know how it goes, you only hear your full name when you’re in trouble !




  1. Awwww Drax you’re too cute! My foster dog loves to tear things up just like you- although she has a preferences for chewing up pens on the bed and getting ink everywhere! I’ve had to collect all the pens and put them on the refrigerator so she can’t get them!

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