Drax’s Handy Tip #1

I have been going potty outside since I was 6 months old, and believe me it was a very trying time for  four months with so much  miscommunication between me and them !!    Where should I go??  Not by the stove??  Not on the bed??   The pee-pads were so fun to play with, maybe I should  stop going on them??? Nope, just pee and play with them by ripping them up was pretty much what I did.  This was not a game enjoyed by anyone but me, catch me if you can while I tear them up !!

So, back to the point and the tip I wanted to give.   IF I am pacing and whining and hanging out by the back door that leads to the grassy large bathroom, let me out !!!!   Because if you don’t, I will pee in the house. And if you are ignoring me, I will pee on somebodies leg, which I have done twice already.  True story.   And the words I heard I still do not know their meaning, but it was the scariest face I’ve seen, and the loudest yelling so far.

Drax 3

I probably shouldn’t do that again, but you know, I have a short-term memory…….


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