Say My Name


DRAX the Destroyer it’s  from the Marvel Comics, yep !!  That is my name, tough guy name too, which I believe I have been living up to so far. But seriously not because I try, it just comes naturally to me.  I get bored, need some attention, so I look for something to do.   This is the name the breeder gave me when I was born.  My new family tried out several other names when I first came home.

Drax the destroyer

Some names that were tried were Hershey, Jager, Ruchos, Holtzer, and others I heard were Crazy-dog, Terror, Seriously, Really and OhmyGod!!   It all came back to Drax, I liked it best and occasionally would look up when they called it out.  So that’s my Name,  Drax !


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