Escape Plan

So, today seemed like a good day to plan an escape !   I don’t know what’s on the other side of the fence, but it must be something good since these people are keeping it  to themselves !!!


Had a meeting with Gunnar  to find out what, he has been outside the fence, so he says, but we were caught and separated before I found anything out.   I tried and tried to eliminate one of the pickets in the fence and got a pretty good grip, bending it until it almost popped, but again, some strange yelling from inside the house startled me ……


Got back to the fence and thought I would dig under it, dirt in my mouth and nose no big deal, but again, extreme yelling  coming from somewhere.


I try not to let that noise get to me but it is quite shrill at times, almost puncturing my eardrums !  So I stopped, for now, and for today, because tomorrow is another day, and another chance to try.


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