Hello world!


Well, this is my standard look I give whenever mom asks me a question !   She really thinks I know why I do what I do, but I don’t…  I am after all just a dog, a puppy of only 8 months, and if you didn’t know it to look at me, I’m a German wire-haired pointer.   Sure, I’m known for being a bit crazy when I’m bored. You would think tossing my crate over and eating parts of it would, quite frankly, fit the bill of my personality and be of no surprise.  So here I go, starting my own blog on my day-to-day routine of making the people who love me just a little insane!

And trying to learn what all that yelling is about whenever I’m in the room…..



  1. I’m currently the servant of 3 jack russells who run me ragged with their constant demands for food, attention, walks, attention, food, attention, play. attention. food, attention – it’s a blessed relief sometimes to get out of the house and go to work ! 😆

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